to your Viewing Videos">Add short video clips to your Viewing Videos

You requested it and now it’s here, you can now add short video clips to your Viewing Videos. Adding short video clips can certainly add the “wow” factor to your property presentations. Now it’s up to you, here’s your chance to get creative and upload short video clips with your property photos, we’ll do the rest.

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Some tips for new users

Below we’ve provided some simple tips to help you get started and achieve the best results from our service. Upload your logo for use on the opening splash screens of the viewing videos. This can be done from the Account drop-down menu. Use a camera with a wide angle lens to capture more detail on […]

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New property video style

We’ve introduced a new video style for you to select from. As well as the original video format of up to 10 pictures with captions, a professional voice-over, and background audio track, you can now also select a new format consisting of up to 30 pictures with captions, a background audio track and no voice-over. […]

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New audio options

We’ve just expanded our audio options with the following additions: A new voice-over artist – Welcome Amy. Amy joins Peter and Caroline on our roster. Three new looping background tracks, bringing the selection of tracks available up to 5. As and when we offer more options, we’ll keep you posted here.

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to Viewing Video">Welcome to Viewing Video

Welcome to our Viewing Video blog. We will use this page to keep you up to date on news relating to our service. Please check back regularly.

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