Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to arrange for you to visit the property?

No. You take standard photos yourself with your own preferred digital cameras.

Do I need to download or install any software?

No. Our service works completely online. You simply have to sign in to your Viewing Video account to create and manage your videos, which you can do from any computer or device with internet access.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to create videos?

Yes, our system is completely responsive and optimised for mobile sized devices.

How do I show or embed the completed videos? 

Try it now – we have included links to our presentation video below.

Option 1 – RightMove Embedded

Paste this code onto RightMove in the virtual tour area to embed the video into the RightMove property listing:

Example embedded in to a RightMove property listing in the Video Tour tab:

RightMove Embedded

Note: On RightMove, use the Video Tour field for embedding. Do not use the Virtual Tour field as this will result in a link rather than an embedded video.

Option 2 – Other Website Embedded

Paste this code to an area of a website which accepts iframes:

Option 3 – Basic Link

Paste this code anywhere – it will always work as a standard link:

What about zoopla and other property portals?

Zoopla do not currently allow any third party embedding on their property adverts, but they do allow you to provide external links to third party services/sites, including YouTube videos, at the bottom of the property details. The viewing video would then be shown on YouTube on a separate page.

Other third party property portal sites all have their own method of implementation so it’s best to check directly with each to see if you can embed YouTube videos using iframes onto their sites, or whether they just allow simple links like zoopla.

If you have the facility to embed content onto your own site using iframes, then visitors that land on your site would also be able to see the video there. If you want the video files for directly hosting on your own site, we can arrange to provide them. Video files are approximately 100Mb per 1 minute of video, although having the video file is often not necessary. Put simply, iframes allow a portion of a website to be provided by another site, such as a YouTube viewing video.

How many photographs can we supply and what is the limit on the voice-over?

You can supply a maximum of 10 photographs for each video which includes a voice-over, and 30 photographs for each video that doesn’t include a voice-over. Your voice-over script is restricted to a maximum of 150 words. In our experience this creates a well paced video production which lasts about one minute for videos which include a voice-over, and 3 minutes for videos which don’t include a voice-over. Captions are restricted to 60 characters.

Can we adjust the photo animations ourselves?

No. Our digital video production staff like to think that they have some talent for doing this. Save yourself time and leave it to us.

Can we choose or change the static starting thumbnail on the video?

Yes, we use the first photograph of the property as the static thumbnail image. If you want to request a different image for the thumbnail you would need to manually drop us an email indicating which of the images you’ve supplied you want us to use. We recommend that the first image you provide is an external shot of the front of the property but it doesn’t have to be.

Are there any other restrictions?

No. You can create as many videos as you have credits, videos remain online until you request their removal, and there is no limit associated with viewing.

Do you have any tips for new customers?

Of course – the system is very easy to use. Here are some basic tips to help you get started:

  1. Upload your logo for use on the opening splash screens of the videos.
  2. Use a camera with a wide angle lens to capture more detail on each picture.
  3. You can cut and flow.
  4. Check your picture captions for typos and make sure they are associated with the correct picture.
  5. You can define the order in which your pictures appear to best match the flow of the script. Use the re-ordering icons to drag and drop the preferred picture sequence.
  6. Remember to choose the voice over artist and background music you want to use on each video.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Whenever you buy credits there is a minimum purchase of three. One video = one credit. You can purchase more than three each time you buy. Your credits do not expire so you can purchase safe in the knowledge that they’ll be there to use when you need them.

How are we billed for the purchases we make?

Payments are made by a new kind of flexible Direct Debit via our payment provider GoCardless. VAT invoices are automatically generated for each purchase you make – these cover the payments collected. You can print these invoices out at any time from within your account. More information regarding the Direct Debit payment process can be found at GoCardless. You’re also protected by the to buy more than 50 credits in one transaction?

Contact us directly and we’ll change the restriction on your account. You can also reduce the maximum number of credits allowed per transaction on your account.

Are there any other costs?


We’re an estate agent with multiple branches. How should we sign-up?

This is entirely your decision. You can sign up once for the entire business or once for each branch. Each account you set up has their own login details, list of properties, and managed credits.

If signing up per branch, each account you set up should have a unique email address. The remaining information provided on the sign-up form represent contact information and billing details, so you can fill these out as you see fit.

I like the audio backgrounds – can I get similar?

All our videos use royalty free audio loops. Royalty Free Music Library offers a huge selection of royalty free music on CD, virtual CD, or individual download.

Who owns Viewing Video?

Viewing Video is a brand address.

What if my question is not covered here?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.