Some tips for new users

Below we’ve provided some simple tips to help you get started and achieve the best results from our service.

  1. Upload your logo for use on the opening splash screens of the viewing videos. This can be done from the Account drop-down menu.
  2. Use a camera with a wide angle lens to capture more detail on each picture. You can upload multiple pictures at a time.
  3. Select the New Video button to start preparing content. You can edit and complete the video content at a later date. Credits are only deducted when you’re happy with your content and have submitted your request.
  4. You can cut and paste your voice-over script into the system. Check it first – it should be easy to read and flow.
  5. Check your picture captions for typos and make sure they are associated with the correct picture.
  6. You can define the order in which your pictures appear to best match the flow of the script. Use the re-ordering icons to drag and drop the preferred picture sequence.
  7. Remember to choose the background music you want to use on each video.
  8. Don’t feel obliged to use the full compliment of picture slots provided – we needed to set a practical limit. Less pictures means more time for each scene on the resulting video, and also allows more opportunity to synchronise the voice-over script to the images provided. You may have noticed that we’ve only used 7-8 pictures in the voiced viewing videos of our sample properties.
  9. We also have a non-voiced viewing video you can request, which allows for up to 30 pictures, captions and background music. This allows you to present the property to the viewer in another way, without the need to specify a voice-over. You can also see this style at the top of the home page and on the samples page.
  10. Always check the details of each property thoroughly before submitting it to us for production.

Although the service is easy to use, you can always contact us if you need further help. Our email address for support is

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